By Lolo


DuoHacker is a simple hack to get you unlimited Duolingo XP, without getting you banned.

It is Very Simple to use and requires only a few steps:

Getting Started

To use DuoHacker, you need to install a few things first. You need to install Tampermonkey which is a Chrome-extension, and you need to install the actual script from Greasy Fork.
Now, the final step to be able to use DuoHacker is to ask for a key on my Discord.

Did you install Tampermonkey, got the script running and received a key? Then nothing should be stopping you from persuing your dreams to become the first place in your league!
Click this link to access the control-panel. There you only have to enter your key, and then press one of the two green buttons(xp-buttons). A little window will popup. After it closes go to duolingo and check your xp.
Huray! It worked!


Possible Errors

DuoHacker didn't work as planned? Well don't give up. Help is comming to the rescue!

Here are typical errors:

  • The little window isn't closing
  • My XP don't show up
If you are facing the first error, try to clear your browsers cache. If you dont know what that means, look up: "clear cache" + your browser name (fx. chrome, firefox, edge).
If your error is the second one, should you ask yourself if the popup really closed, only if so, your XP will be transferred. You may be looking the wrong place, take a look at your league and make sure to refresh Duolingo. If your XP show up in your league, but not on your profile, go to the "stories tab" and make sure to select the same language as you want to earn the xp in (notice: if you want to earn xp in english, select another language from the "i speak menu", then select english).

Still can't get it to work? Then feel free to contact me on my Discord :-)